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From personal experience, we think that the waste of paper, time and ink was greater than the interest on the part of the kids. In recent years we have witnessed continuous attempts to create an intelligent and above all interesting newspaper, but unfortunately it cannot be denied that every single publication has been quite a failure. Even if every year the initiative started with enthusiasm and with the best intentions, thinking “this will be a good year!”, The results have not been there. The main problem, probably, is the fact that no one has ever really been interested and engaged in the business and in the creation of the articles.

Many guys have taken the situation to heart, and we appreciate, but at this point, there must be something wrong with the “assembly line”. Even the “IPSE DIXIT”, the only section of the Giornalino that attracted attention, in the various issues went into decline: in the end, in order not to eliminate it, being objectively the first (and perhaps the only) part to be sought by readers, jokes were reported that were not funny. Not to mention the graphics! Surely there is someone who could do a little nicer job: go and save the Giornalino !! (also rhymes) Appearance is a lot! We know that for quality graphics and perhaps even in color, the costs are quite high and perhaps a school like ours cannot afford to “waste” this money, even if a well-edited magazine would be a really good thing. Another problem I think is the fact that probably the computers on which the editorial team works are not suitable for cutting-edge and captivating work. And why not encourage kids to write articles? It could be a good input to give credit to anyone who puts themselves in the game to improve what, in fact, could be a badge of our school. It would be even more interesting to find articles that do not only concern the school, but rather, concerning the area, or even more, relating to the proposals that the municipality of Milan offers us, under all aspects. Looking for a theme of the month wouldn’t be a bad idea either, and we’re pretty sure that even with a few sensible tweaks, people would get more passionate.

We have tried to rattle off the most relevant issues and problems, hoping that perhaps our quite provocative article will bring improvements, if they are possible.

Ours is not meant to be a free criticism of those who deal with the Giornalino, we are the first who would like it, but rather that this is perhaps not better to do without it?

Years ago I took care of the editorial board of the magazine of the Noverasco office, in short, I did what we can associate with the director. So article hunting, editing, layout etc.

I can tell you that the adventure lasted a year and a half more or less, then, as you said, the thing went into decline, little interest in writing and reading.

Regarding the use of paper and costs, however, I can give you a suggestion, there are several services that allow the publication of documents online, which could adapt to the needs of a small newspaper. Very trivially it would still be enough to publish it in PDF.

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