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The Romanian talent was the author of a good first half: he snatched the call-up with Romania for the World Cup qualifiers. First call to the senior national team also for Mihaila

Among the positive notes at Parma, very few, there is the debut of Dennis Man from 1 ‘. The expectations on the boy remain high, when he pays out many millions of euros it is natural to wonder if it is worth it. Perhaps it is too early to say, 45 ‘is certainly not enough to answer such a full and complex question. But Dennis has taken off the label of a tightrope walker, putting the ego aside and showing a good propensity for sacrifice. His talent at the service of the team can help, especially when he is sailing in muddy waters such as those that are hardly plowing Parma, you need people who know how to give the ball their own

The talent of Arad, a Romanian city on the border with Hungary, was limited by a blow to the head before giving way to his friend Mihaila, in the match against Inter. It took him a while to give up, tough as he is, before throwing in the towel he thought twice. And that’s not a way of saying. Before him he was checked by the doctors, after he was about to go out but he gritted his teeth and finished the first half, in order to send his friend Valentin to warm up to be more ready. And it was Mihaila who was the first to ascertain his condition, at half-time, when he went next to him to inquire about his state of health. His head was a bit heavy, some feeling of emptiness, but nothing more. He trained this morning and is ready to play. In Arad, a rebel city that fought against the communist regime together with the revolutionaries, he struggles to surrender.

A bit like Dennis, accompanied in Parma by a crowd of consensus and a very high waiting horizon such as to shake some certainty. Immediately after the game, the phone call came from his father, who closed the garage where he worked ahead of time to go and watch his son’s debut from 1 ‘in Serie A. Against Inter, the former team of his legend Adrian Mutu, Dennis had just enough time to swallow the feeling of playing a starter before getting dressed for the warm-up. No worries, no fears. D’Aversa changed the decision a few seconds before calling the technical meeting, he should have played Mihaila, who like his friend did well, but the choice fell on Man, good at playing the role of tightrope walker, to tie the game between midfield and attack, to enter the field to make room for Hernani to express himself wider. To finish, sew and dictate the counterattack. The passage to unmark Karamoh was splendid, it took everything in Barella to extinguish the spark.

But the sacred fire burns in the young Romanian talent, who studies Italian to be more ready and who paws in these 13 games left to carve out a place as a protagonist. It will be fundamental next year, regardless of the category. In Collecchio, where he lives with his girlfriend Alexandra whom he has known for 8 years, the young talent studies the language, devours hours of Fortnite at the Play Station and watches videos to improve himself. The bond with the family, who lives in Vladimirescu, is strong. His mother, a housewife, had predicted a great future for him, even though she had sometimes hidden it from him. For fear that football would take him away from Romania. But for every player, competing with Serie A is a unique challenge. Winning the challenge means demonstrating that you can live with the pressures. And Man knows how to live with it. Now he just has to get into the role well, he has the cuddles of the president and the esteem of D ‘Aversa from him, he has to wear the cape to become Super. Super Man, he also serves to drag the Crusaders out of limbo.

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