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Last year’s edition was epic, we can thank Bugo and Morgan with the story that has become a viral meme “What’s going on?”, Piero Pelù who, during the performance of the final, stole the handbag of a lady in the audience, Elettra Lamborghini with the duet with Miss Keta, Fiorello who imitates Maria De Filippi and many others.

It was certainly the last musical event that we were able to enjoy quietly before the pandemic broke out. So I wonder if Sanremo 2021 will be equally epic despite the bad moods of this period and the limitations imposed.

In my opinion it will be and will still be able to bring distraction and positivity in the midst of so much controversy.

But let’s go into detail. Let’s start with the cast of the Big category which for a good part comes from the indie scene but that’s fine because we finally have competitors who dominate the contemporary music scene. Here is a recap of the artists:

I approve of this artistic choice as there are different musical genres and lots of applause to Orietta Berti who had the courage to get involved, a sign of how much she cares about music and who participates without the ultimate aim of having to win but only for pure taste. to have fun. What if she really wins? Well we can only wish him that!

But let’s get back to us. As for the Sanremo Giovani category there are eight artists competing:

The Youth category will be presented during the first two evenings with four artists each. Only two will be the finalists who will perform during the final on March 5th where the winner will be decreed.

The whole event will take place inside the Ariston theater, with no internal audience, much less the external one because the municipality of Sanremo will be under special surveillance as well as being highly armored to avoid any kind of gathering. Unfortunately this will be a discordant note in that place that has always brought and continues to bring joy, but health and safety first of all.

How are we for guests? Amadeus and Fiorello do not disappoint even this year. We will see alternating conductors in all evenings Achille Lauro and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. As for the guests for an evening there will be both musicians and actors and sportsmen. Here are some of them: Alessandra Amoroso, Serena Rossi, Beatrice Vanzini, Vittoria Ceretti, Negramaro, Il Volo, Loredana Bertè, Mahmood, Ornella Vanoni with Francesco Gabbani, Mahmood, Alex Schwazer, Alberto Tomba and Federica Pellegrini. Laura Pausini was confirmed at the last moment, fresh from her Golden Globe victory as best song thanks to the song and soundtrack Io Sì (Seen) for the film Life in front of her.

Naomi Campbell was also supposed to be present to co-host the prime time but due to US restrictions currently in force she was unable to accept the proposal, instead of her there will be actress Matilde De Angelis.

For those who will not be able to follow the Festival, there will be The Jackal with the Tutto Sanremo podcast but it lasts less than it was inaugurated on February 24 on Spotify. They started by telling the past editions and will continue commenting evening by evening Sanremo 2021.

So why follow Sanremo? Because it is part of Italian culture and because it always manages to make us smile, for better or for worse. So let’s get comfortable on the sofa with a bottle of wine and enjoy the festival.

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