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Today we are touching on a very delicate topic that we are sure has made (at least once) lose the temper, the desire and the motivation of more than a few subjects who, like us, are involved in trying to improve safety in the workplace:

What irritates us most is not the proper expression, but the meaning of denial towards a modification or change, which is contained within the thought of the element that mentions it with an Oscar-winning serenity, unaware of the damage that that entails. his slippery attitude and heedless of the continuous evolution of the world of work and social relations.

Hence the title of this article, is it always worth it? When you find yourself having to fight with the dull mentality and the forced obstructionism towards change, is it still worth it?

We personally “ate a lot of hard bread” in this regard and who knows how much more we will have to eat, we have had moments of despair, moments in which the only way out seemed to abandon everything and throw in the towel because as you know, the ‘deliberate ignorance is not fought with traditional means, however, by virtue of the long-term results of the ongoing struggles, past ones and those that will surely come tomorrow we can tell you with our heads held high that YES! ALWAYS WORTH IT!

IT IS WORTH resisting and continuing on the most tortuous path which is that of not surrendering to the first obstacles and not even to the second and third ones, because the satisfactions of this profession are many and many; maybe no one will ever say “good” or “thank you” however, on the sly, when you read the reports of injuries and accidents and the number is insignificant or limited, when the company is covered with posters and information brochures, when the exercise surprise evacuation produces the expected results, when the worker uses PPE, when the person in charge is vigilant, when the RR.LL.SS. they give you the right feedback, etc …. well …. it is also (if not above all) thanks to you.

60% of our work is communication and this is why we feel discouraged when the interlocutor, whether a worker or the Employer himself, does not listen to us or listens biased and sufficiently.

Our commitment must be constant in improving ourselves and in understanding the right channel to make the message we want to communicate efficient, often adapting the means of communication to the interlocutor in front of us, since not everyone perceives information in the same way.

In the NO moments, remember the importance of this profession and the fact that spreading the culture of safety is essential in our still too reluctant society. Ours is a key role, be patient and satisfaction will come.

remember that good horses can be seen at long distance and also that with the right key, all doors are opened!

The perception of risk is completely subjective: it depends on experience, character, gender, and many other factors … if you want to know more, read the article on our website … link in bio

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