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c) REFRESHMENT ISSUE. To date, it is not known whether, when and in what amounts contributions will be allocated to the companies concerned. Will the costs of the tampons be fully covered? If so, will they be reimbursed later or will the contributions be anticipated? Not insignificant issues that had to be analyzed before and not after.

d) WHAT DO ATHLETES THINK? Are we sure that the athletes themselves are in favor of restarting? Think of a freelancer, who cannot afford to stay at home (although asymptomatic) without working or of those who live in a family environment and, therefore, in the case of positivity would affect an entire nucleus. Or to those who live with elderly people? Opinions, also in this case, are conflicting and there are teams that would risk finding themselves with halved staff.

e) ACCIDENTS IN A SYSTEM ALREADY OVERLOADED. The practice of football inevitably brings with it injuries and situations in which it is necessary to resort to health facilities. In a period in which even more important operations and therapies are postponed so as not to burden an already burdened system, it does not appear farsighted to create situations (inevitable, we repeat) that increase the work of health professionals.

f) THE GENERAL PERCEPTION. Not everyone considers sport, in this case football (not youthful, because in this case we are talking about major leagues), as a fundamental element. And, then, the perception of a large part of the population would be to think that schools they remain closed, the bars can only work with takeaways but the amateur camps are open and, without hypocrisy and with a widespread level of stress, even the general perception of the issue cannot be neglected.

4.1818 molecular and antigenic swabs were analyzed. Today 84 cases among children and young people of school age and 45 among the over 70s. 337 healings reported

In the first half of February, almost all of the bears continued the winter hibernation period but with the sudden increase in temperatures, sightings multiplied. In the meantime, the wolf has arrived in the area of ​​Villa Lagarina because it is attracted by the abandoned sheep. Here are the Council’s advice on how to behave

According to the verifications made by the Opera Universitaria: “There is no striking fact that involved many people, but it would have been, according to the documentation provided by the Consorzio Formazione Cultura Servizi, of a couple of episodes of unauthorized gatherings with the presence of more than 4 people “

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