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Loving without being loved can be one of the most difficult experiences in life to overcome. It is one of those moments when you experience abandonment, sadness and a feeling of emptiness that can become unbearable. It is not possible to pretend to love without having to pay all the consequences that follow.

However, love has two faces, and the worst part can appear suddenly, taking away any meaning from life, as if everything we have built and lived up to now has lost all meaning. Our dreams and ambitions are demolished, leaving room for bitterness.

When we love, we are naturally inclined to go towards our loved one, subject to an unstoppable attraction, impossible to stop without someone suffering.

The disappointment and pain that we lovers have had to face can double us, leaving us at the mercy of despair; lost in the deep feeling of not being able to return to love someone in the same way.

It is a very common feeling: these are dramatic moments, filled with the sadness that we carry with us, with the despondency and the inability to look beyond our narrow horizon. Yet, those who have lived through this process and have experienced all the sadness and loneliness that comes from not being loved, know very well that over time that horizon gradually widens again.

You learn to live in another way, stronger than before and with the proof that it is possible to recover joy and happiness despite everything. Because our identity and our will to live do not really depend on anyone but ourselves.

It is worthwhile to love always and in any case, because loving is a sign of life. A unique and unrepeatable experience that changes our world and the way we see things. We acquire a special sensitivity that makes us appreciate and understand the value of any act of love. The intensity of beauty is amplified, our emotions are more recognizable, and it is easier for us to identify them.

By loving we shared our intimacy, we recognized the purity of knowing how to love, we discovered aspects of ourselves that we did not know and we learned to know ourselves better.

By loving we have allowed our essence to give the best of ourselves, to show us our immense beauty and the luck that has happened to us for having been able to experience love in all its splendor.

Love comes for those who are ready, for those who are experiencing that period of life in which they can afford to dedicate themselves to that feeling with their whole being. We can consider ourselves privileged if love takes possession of us, regardless of who we love or whether or not we are reciprocated. Love is worthwhile in any case, for everything it brings into our lives.

You need to be predisposed to sentimental openness in order to love. There must be an internal connection and a sensitivity that allow us to open ourselves to all the innumerable sensations that the world of love has to offer.

When the lack of love arrives and we do not understand the cause, it is good to understand that if our capacity to love has been stripped away from us, the fault is not of something or someone in concrete.

It is only a matter of understanding that as it arrived, this feeling can leave us, and that for this reason it is good to live it, experience it, enjoy it while it is there and is alive; without fear or mistrust. We must let ourselves be loved in order to love, that is, let all our energy flow, feel within ourselves that we are worthy of love.

Because love is a state of purity, our most intense flame, the breath of the soul; the piercing sigh that gives meaning to our lives.

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