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We just have to note that this country has lacked, politically speaking, the human material.

They have tried and have even succeeded, but the question to ask is at what price? But above all who is paying this heavy fine. Those of us who do not remember the clear and clear political statements, pre-vote, which then led to the formation of the current parliamentary team. On the one hand, the then center-right, with the League in the lead “never with the five stars, never with the left. On the other, that of the center-left, “never with the five stars, never with the right”, paradoxically in the center in the anti-caste area the five stars “never with the populists of the right never with the left both guilty of having destroyed the country in the last 20 years “. After the elections, the first result was the Lega – Five-star government, the first Conte government, the second, always with Conte at the helm, the democratic party and the five-star government, all in just over a year.

The final result, without any concrete solution, in the continuous navigating between special powers, commissioners, phantom economic recovery plans and countless DPCMs was that after more than a year of pandemic, we are going to return to the red zone. Here is the unconditional surrender of the political class and its ruling class which cost, it is worth remembering, 100,000 Italians who died from Covid 19.

And so, pull the oars in the boat: Government of national salvation in a political jumble, certainly post ideological, with a pure technician and related external consultants at the helm for the most delicate issues that require real preparation, such as the question of the Recovery Plan in addition to all the logistics, to combat the pandemic, entrusted to the military. All disguised as a balance of survival with political ministers and undersecretaries, but who in fact, as they say in football jargon, “will not touch the ball”. In fact, even if they are all still firmly anchored in their seats, what in sociology would be called the Political Institution has failed, which has in fact lost its social function but even more so as to form the ruling class of a country. Between resignations, split coalitions, changes of shirt, expulsions from parliamentary groups and so on and so forth, in fact we just have to note that this country is lacking, politically speaking, the human material. Strong leadership, capable of making even drastic and unpopular decisions, but effective

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