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With this clear phrase, a friend liquidates my enthusiasm for an idea: to invent, dust off and research short lines that run through the towers and turrets of the Grignetta. We all know that a small mountain can never become big, or rather that a short climb will certainly not turn into a long one. But sometimes it escapes us that a short climb, due to its logic, beauty and “company” can easily become a “wonderful” climb, where pleasure knows no meter.

As I walk the length and breadth of the spiers above the house, sometimes the eye rests on invisible lines seen hundreds of times, where vertical paths are born for a play of fantasy. The stimulus is due to the fact that I fell in love with “sleep” and sleeping means getting up late and with less and less desire to (every weekend) endure long trips and meters of shopping paper to pay the toll.

The “It’s not worth it” sometimes makes me feel good, the search and the dusting off of the “old” are part of my desire … “Look at that crack, look at that plate, you saw that edge …” so saying, in company, we realize “our” short routes. With hammer and nails we mark our fast passage, memorizing everything leaving traces of our passage, small and pleasant works in the open air. Obviously, tastes are personal and what seems beautiful to us, or to us, maybe someone will not like it … but this is also part of the beauty!

A piece of paper, a page of a notebook is enough to trace the report, a few pitches that, from Sunday to Sunday, from season to season become many shots, short and long lengths of new or little repeated lines.

The names. The most intriguing thing is to decide on the name, “Spigolo delle Mamme”, “Via del Pietro”, “Diedro del Mystery” … Many nicknames suitable for the moment, a dedication to those who are to be born, a reminder to those who are not there plus, a tribute to whoever is important, this is the “It’s not worth it” spoken by a friend who doesn’t play my game.

One day, if it ever happens, I will put everything in order by putting together all the sheets of the notebook, and I will create a booklet. The man mountaineer, rock climber, ice climber, always needs news, he feeds on news! Each of us, mountain lovers, cold and hot as it is, has a notebook, his own and important notebook, where he transcribes with pen or memory the vertical days, so beautiful and important that they are sometimes … short!

Ps: some lines traveled were not named because we were unable to find out the name of the first climbers, we limited ourselves to “fixing” them by bolting stops and leaving lines in the numerous hourglasses. is continuously updated: news, trekking, climbing, mountaineering, freeride, ski mountaineering, snowboarding and ice climbing itineraries on all the mountains of the world. It also contains technical information on materials, book and video reviews, expert advice, photographs, interviews with protagonists and competition reports.

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