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Everything turned into easy business for everyone. I didn’t hold back. But I, at least, have never impoverished anyone. I don’t know if the same thing can be said today, in the case of some artists and some evenings ». Yes, because long before the talks about pandemics, lockdowns, lockouts, refreshments, greasy discos to keep closed and so on, the clubbing system already showed heavy cracks behind the glittering face of Tomorrowland, the Balearics, Berghain, dance festivals full of people, of Kalkbrenner, of the EDM explosion with crazy numbers in streaming, as well as articles in newspapers and online magazines remotely controlled by Anglo-Saxon press offices and therefore always euphoric, always sparkling.

A crisis that was born – and still persists – perhaps precisely because the focus on music was lost and still has been lost, replacing it instead with that on fame, on the name. The focus on creativity has been lost and, Claudio loved to emphasize, also on ethics. In fact, always in that distant but profoundly prophetic chat: “We must bring ethics back to the center of every discourse. How many people today buy a thousand downloads of their song on Beatport, so they rise in the charts and make a name for themselves? And I shouldn’t be the one to tell you this shouldn’t be done, you should figure it out for yourself, damn it. And then again: we want to talk about the places that continue to book DJs as if they were the stickers of an album, just to collect famous names without any logic and without any artistic direction? And, speaking of art direction, those places that delegate all programming to external booking agencies, letting themselves be remotely controlled by them? Do we want to talk about it? Do we realize how insane is this what? “.

All this said with great awareness. «You understand now why I say that everything should be downsized. Overdoing it is bad for you, and bad for music. Oh, I know and understand the objection that can be made to me: “Well done, you have done your rounds in the carousel and now instead you say that we must stop everything: who are you to tell us? What do you want from us? “. Answer: just because I did the tour and I know what it leads to, I think I can afford to say that no, it’s not worth doing. In the long run it’s not worth it. ” Also because there was not only the fame of dj, of track filler, of king of the night and of house music: if Claudio Coccoluto became the dj-par-antonomasia it was at a certain point because you started to see him, and a lot, even in other contexts.

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