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Despite the different nature and proportion of the two events, the comparison offers some insights because during the Second World War the economy of the main countries suffered the joint effect of three factors – the forced increase in savings; productive reconversion; the increase in public intervention – which can also be found to some extent in the Covid experience. Starting from the second half of the 1940s, while Europe slowly began its reconstruction, the American economy, contradicting the forecasts of economists who predicted recession, began an uninterrupted phase of growth that lasted fifteen years. The main engine of that economic miracle was the resumption of household spending propensity, which was so strong that it more than fully compensated for the reduction in military orders. Aggregate demand favored the rapid conversion of the economy from the war to the peace structure.

Some of those circumstances may reoccur today. A recent ECB study documents the sharp increase in the propensity to save individuals in 2020, more than 5 percentage points of household disposable income. These are precautionary or compulsory savings: expenses canceled or postponed either due to uncertainty or the inability to spend. The increase in the savings rate was added to the reduction in disposable income, equal to about another 5 percent. An equivalent rebound in the exit from the virus is to be expected, perhaps even higher, if part of the expenses have only been postponed.

The crisis has also caused or accelerated the productive reconversion towards sectors with high technological intensity, temporarily disadvantaging certain categories of services such as tourism, transport and catering. It does not seem unreasonable to hypothesize a scenario in which the recovery of household spending would be combined with a return of demand in these penalized sectors, while others that gained in the crisis (telecommunications, large online distribution, biotechnology, etc.) would not lose the advantage acquired but indeed they would continue to progress. To this should be added public intervention, now strategically addressed, especially in Europe, towards the implementation of public infrastructure investments and the enhancement of health, education and energy and environmental reconversion.

A possible virtuous scenario, but which for now can only be described with verbs in the conditional. What is certain is that the recovery will be uneven, precisely in relation to the different health strategies described above. The gaps can already be seen, with the emerging countries of Asia already launched and which have recovered the pre-crisis levels, the United States which in recent weeks continues to surprise with positive data, and Europe (with Italy near at the tail) still in the shallows of the recession. In the old continent, a boost is urgently needed to reduce the gaps and intensify efforts on the dual front of health strategy and economic recovery. Precisely what, as far as is known, President Draghi tried to impress last week at the meeting of the European Council.

Radio Maria is a gift from Mary that has borne fruit in Italy and has spread across the five continents. Providence puts extraordinary calls in front of us all over the world, support Radio Maria:

Receive comments on messages from the Queen of Peace, editorials, videos and images, schedule updates and much more …

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Starting again with Excellence and C1 in 5-a-side football (also in the red zone), the FIGC gives the ok but is it worth it? Pros and cons for the resumption of tournaments

Starting again with Excellence and C1 in 5-a-side football (also in the red zone), the FIGC gives the ok but is it worth it? Pros and cons for the resumption of tournaments

Our pros and cons to eventual resumption of tournaments. The FIGC kicked off in recent days, on Wednesday the NLD will express itself on the formats, but there is a lot of perplexity on the part of clubs and members who “split” in two. Also in Trentino

A game phase of the Coppa Italia d’Eccellenza challenge between Gardolo and Lavis: will the championships restart?

TRENTO. On Friday, the Federal Council of the FIGC ruled in favor of the resumption of the top regional championships. For the body that governs the ball in Italy, the men’s and women’s excellence and men’s and women’s C1 5-a-side football tournaments must restart. A very short time with contact training (we are even talking about next week) and then, after Easter, start at the championships, which will end in a revisited format adapted to the timing.

The FIGC said yes, the (national) policy has not yet expressed itself and, in the meantime, the interesting companies (not only in the province of Trento) but throughout Italy are in limbo, even if the pressures not to restart are very strong and widespread. . Indeed, the party of the “no”, currently, is more numerous and fierce than those who, on the other hand, would like to return to the field.

Important note: the recognition of national interest for the aforementioned championships means that, at the current state of the provisions, athletes and teams would have freedom of movement and the possibility of taking the field even in the case of a red zone, as already happens for the Trentino and South Tyroleans participating in national competitions.

So what to do? Starting again or stopping? Postpone everything to next season or return to the pitch in front of empty stands and with the risk of seeing the activity interrupted after a few weeks and without any guarantee?

The FIGC is taking on an enormous responsibility towards clubs and members and the real risk for the highest national football body is that of being denied in the short term, which would mean an incredible loss of credibility.

And, wanting to go even deeper, because – as always – the last second was reached and the situation was not thoroughly evaluated months and months ago, when the tournaments were interrupted and it was self-evident that they would not restart immediately. ? Why not think of a “small” formula with protocols already in December to give companies time to organize themselves? All in extremis, as usual one would say, with a run-up that many, many presidents, coaches and players have no intention of making.

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With this clear phrase, a friend liquidates my enthusiasm for an idea: to invent, dust off and research short lines that run through the towers and turrets of the Grignetta. We all know that a small mountain can never become big, or rather that a short climb will certainly not turn into a long one. But sometimes it escapes us that a short climb, due to its logic, beauty and “company” can easily become a “wonderful” climb, where pleasure knows no meter.

As I walk the length and breadth of the spiers above the house, sometimes the eye rests on invisible lines seen hundreds of times, where vertical paths are born for a play of fantasy. The stimulus is due to the fact that I fell in love with “sleep” and sleeping means getting up late and with less and less desire to (every weekend) endure long trips and meters of shopping paper to pay the toll.

The “It’s not worth it” sometimes makes me feel good, the search and the dusting off of the “old” are part of my desire … “Look at that crack, look at that plate, you saw that edge …” so saying, in company, we realize “our” short routes. With hammer and nails we mark our fast passage, memorizing everything leaving traces of our passage, small and pleasant works in the open air. Obviously, tastes are personal and what seems beautiful to us, or to us, maybe someone will not like it … but this is also part of the beauty!

A piece of paper, a page of a notebook is enough to trace the report, a few pitches that, from Sunday to Sunday, from season to season become many shots, short and long lengths of new or little repeated lines.

The names. The most intriguing thing is to decide on the name, “Spigolo delle Mamme”, “Via del Pietro”, “Diedro del Mystery” … Many nicknames suitable for the moment, a dedication to those who are to be born, a reminder to those who are not there plus, a tribute to whoever is important, this is the “It’s not worth it” spoken by a friend who doesn’t play my game.

One day, if it ever happens, I will put everything in order by putting together all the sheets of the notebook, and I will create a booklet. The man mountaineer, rock climber, ice climber, always needs news, he feeds on news! Each of us, mountain lovers, cold and hot as it is, has a notebook, his own and important notebook, where he transcribes with pen or memory the vertical days, so beautiful and important that they are sometimes … short!

Ps: some lines traveled were not named because we were unable to find out the name of the first climbers, we limited ourselves to “fixing” them by bolting stops and leaving lines in the numerous hourglasses. is continuously updated: news, trekking, climbing, mountaineering, freeride, ski mountaineering, snowboarding and ice climbing itineraries on all the mountains of the world. It also contains technical information on materials, book and video reviews, expert advice, photographs, interviews with protagonists and competition reports.

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To connect a third-party controller, you will need to open the settings and access the Bluetooth section; if you opt for an Amazon Luna Controller, download the app and follow the instructions. After configuring the controller and logging into your account, you will be ready to play.

This is the million dollar question and, so far, the answer is … fair; Although no longer in early access, Amazon Luna is still a work-in-progress.

During testing, we tested at least a quarter of the games, and overall, we’re happy to say that, with the exception of particularly fast-paced FPS titles, the experience is generally satisfactory. 2D platformers, real-time strategy titles, and even fighting games are played at their best. Only two IPs were nearly unplayable: Yooka-Laylee and Star Wars Pinball. The first is a 3D platformer from former Rare developers who, in a sense, is the spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie.

The problem with the latter was the framing, a defect also present in the console versions, which became even more annoying due to the latency; it made the title a bit unstable, not to the point of being unplayable, but enough to make the experience rather unpleasant.

The worst performance occurred on Star Wars Pinball: there was a fraction of a second delay between pressing the right trigger and activating the right pinball, enough to make us miss crucial shots and consequently the balls. Not all games require such timing, but for those that require low latency, Amazon Luna still struggles.

The good news is that we only encountered such drawbacks with two of the many games we tested, while Castlevania Collection, Lumines Remastered, Redout, Two Point Hospital, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, and others worked flawlessly.

Sure, running games from 10, 20, or even 30 years ago isn’t a great achievement, but Amazon Luna is still a work-in-progress.

At the end of January 2021, Amazon updated the list of devices compatible with Amazon Luna by adding several Android smartphones. The official announcement was posted on Luna’s Twitter account.

Among these we find several older smartphones including Google Pixel 3 and 3a, 3XL and 3a XL, in addition to the former top of the range Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +.

Luna is accessible via iOS smartphones in the form of an iOS 14-based web app. Although Apple has blocked access to Microsoft xCloud, Nvidia GeForce Now and Google Stadia services on iOS, Amazon Luna is immune to App Store guidelines not being a traditional app. It will in fact be a web app (PWA), which in practice is nothing more than a site from which you can start and play games regardless of your web server.

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Amazon Luna is the cloud gaming service proposed by Amazon in response to Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now and Microsoft Project xCloud. The platform was announced last year and is in constant development.

After the Alpha phase dedicated to testers, the company has made the beta available to owners of the Amazon Fire TV Cube and Amazon Fire TV Stick. So, now that the limited trial has ended and the service is open to everyone, we have decided to purchase the $ 5.99 subscription (prices in euros have not yet been formalized) to test Amazon Luna.

Amazon Luna works similar to Prime Video. Within the game library there are several channels, including the main one called Luna Plus (or Luna +) and others that will be added in the future, such as the one dedicated to Ubisoft titles.

For $ 5.99 a month (about 5 euros) you can subscribe to Luna Plus by getting access to a library with just over 20 titles, streaming playback at 1080p and 60 fps (soon also in 4K) and access from two devices. The subscription allows you to play from PC, Mac and Fire TV stick, as well as from iPhone and iPad (thanks to its non-app features), but is not yet available on Android devices.

As with Netflix or Prime Video, there are no time limits to play, much less download times; you can switch between titles in a single session and, as with Xbox Game Pass, the library will be constantly expanded.

Luna + is the base package and the games are, well, mostly old: the service offers a collection of remastered classics and indie titles; however, there are also AAA titles like Control, Metro Exodus, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, Two Point Hospital, and Sonic Mania.

Fortunately, the Ubisoft + subscription is also available, which includes AAA titles from the French software house such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Immortals Fenyx Rising and Far Cry 6 at a cost of $ 15 per month.

Amazon also introduced a dedicated Amazon Luna controller (not included in any subscription) that costs $ 49.99; While it is a bit expensive for essentially an Xbox One gamepad, the Luna Controller can connect directly to the wireless network, which greatly reduces input lag, a key factor in a rewarding gaming experience.

Setting up Amazon Luna is very simple: just download the app on Amazon Fire TV or Fire Cube (search for Amazon Luna or, if you have an invitation, go to the Amazon Luna page of your browser).

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c) REFRESHMENT ISSUE. To date, it is not known whether, when and in what amounts contributions will be allocated to the companies concerned. Will the costs of the tampons be fully covered? If so, will they be reimbursed later or will the contributions be anticipated? Not insignificant issues that had to be analyzed before and not after.

d) WHAT DO ATHLETES THINK? Are we sure that the athletes themselves are in favor of restarting? Think of a freelancer, who cannot afford to stay at home (although asymptomatic) without working or of those who live in a family environment and, therefore, in the case of positivity would affect an entire nucleus. Or to those who live with elderly people? Opinions, also in this case, are conflicting and there are teams that would risk finding themselves with halved staff.

e) ACCIDENTS IN A SYSTEM ALREADY OVERLOADED. The practice of football inevitably brings with it injuries and situations in which it is necessary to resort to health facilities. In a period in which even more important operations and therapies are postponed so as not to burden an already burdened system, it does not appear farsighted to create situations (inevitable, we repeat) that increase the work of health professionals.

f) THE GENERAL PERCEPTION. Not everyone considers sport, in this case football (not youthful, because in this case we are talking about major leagues), as a fundamental element. And, then, the perception of a large part of the population would be to think that schools they remain closed, the bars can only work with takeaways but the amateur camps are open and, without hypocrisy and with a widespread level of stress, even the general perception of the issue cannot be neglected.

4.1818 molecular and antigenic swabs were analyzed. Today 84 cases among children and young people of school age and 45 among the over 70s. 337 healings reported

In the first half of February, almost all of the bears continued the winter hibernation period but with the sudden increase in temperatures, sightings multiplied. In the meantime, the wolf has arrived in the area of ​​Villa Lagarina because it is attracted by the abandoned sheep. Here are the Council’s advice on how to behave

According to the verifications made by the Opera Universitaria: “There is no striking fact that involved many people, but it would have been, according to the documentation provided by the Consorzio Formazione Cultura Servizi, of a couple of episodes of unauthorized gatherings with the presence of more than 4 people “

VIDEO. The failure of the Pat goes in prime time: the hyenas tell the League’s management of the bear

VIDEO. The unpaired sock: from posts on social media, to the book: Marco Filippone and the interview with Francesco Bindi

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The pandemic problem is to be considered solved or in the process of being solved in those countries that have been able to manage it. Not for the others. Unfortunately, we are among these

Can we consider Covid-19 a solved problem? The question may seem absurd in a country that has just confirmed and in some ways accentuated restrictions, and in a continent where governments still close certain borders. But it is entirely reasonable if we look at the international data on infections and vaccinations. Countries that have accelerated the procurement and diffusion of vaccines, quickly switching to single-dose, break down infections beyond expectations. The macroscopic case is Israel, which has already vaccinated over 90 percent of the population and is now giving away the remaining vaccines to some poor countries. But the United States is also heading in the same direction. The Biden administration has made a change, while not abandoning the Trumpian concept of “America First”, offering attractive conditions to pharmaceutical companies in exchange for rapid supplies and thus making it convenient for companies to direct production to the United States. It has also enhanced the logistics to speed up the inoculation. The recent approval of the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine will further accentuate a process that has already led the country to a 25 percent vaccine rate (remember that the minimum rate for herd immunity is around 65 percent). Post-Brexit UK is also giving a good try, with over 30 per cent vaccinated. It is by no means excluded, indeed it is probable, that these countries and others in the same vein will be able, once the summer season arrives and the strategy is carried forward further, to turn the page definitively.

The common feature of these countries lies in having deployed all the necessary financial and logistical resources. Whatever it takes, one might say. And it’s worth it. Clemens Fuerst and Daniel Gros show in a recent article that the price per dose needed to induce pharmaceutical companies to accelerate production is negligible compared to the advantage, even if only economic, of putting each additional person away from the virus. It is therefore not advisable to negotiate beyond a certain limit on price margins, or to enter into conflict with companies by disputing alleged defaults. Better to change the conditions offered by making them not only more favorable, but above all rewarding in the event of early delivery. Unfortunately, this is not the strategy of the European Union so far.

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Today we are touching on a very delicate topic that we are sure has made (at least once) lose the temper, the desire and the motivation of more than a few subjects who, like us, are involved in trying to improve safety in the workplace:

What irritates us most is not the proper expression, but the meaning of denial towards a modification or change, which is contained within the thought of the element that mentions it with an Oscar-winning serenity, unaware of the damage that that entails. his slippery attitude and heedless of the continuous evolution of the world of work and social relations.

Hence the title of this article, is it always worth it? When you find yourself having to fight with the dull mentality and the forced obstructionism towards change, is it still worth it?

We personally “ate a lot of hard bread” in this regard and who knows how much more we will have to eat, we have had moments of despair, moments in which the only way out seemed to abandon everything and throw in the towel because as you know, the ‘deliberate ignorance is not fought with traditional means, however, by virtue of the long-term results of the ongoing struggles, past ones and those that will surely come tomorrow we can tell you with our heads held high that YES! ALWAYS WORTH IT!

IT IS WORTH resisting and continuing on the most tortuous path which is that of not surrendering to the first obstacles and not even to the second and third ones, because the satisfactions of this profession are many and many; maybe no one will ever say “good” or “thank you” however, on the sly, when you read the reports of injuries and accidents and the number is insignificant or limited, when the company is covered with posters and information brochures, when the exercise surprise evacuation produces the expected results, when the worker uses PPE, when the person in charge is vigilant, when the RR.LL.SS. they give you the right feedback, etc …. well …. it is also (if not above all) thanks to you.

60% of our work is communication and this is why we feel discouraged when the interlocutor, whether a worker or the Employer himself, does not listen to us or listens biased and sufficiently.

Our commitment must be constant in improving ourselves and in understanding the right channel to make the message we want to communicate efficient, often adapting the means of communication to the interlocutor in front of us, since not everyone perceives information in the same way.

In the NO moments, remember the importance of this profession and the fact that spreading the culture of safety is essential in our still too reluctant society. Ours is a key role, be patient and satisfaction will come.

remember that good horses can be seen at long distance and also that with the right key, all doors are opened!

The perception of risk is completely subjective: it depends on experience, character, gender, and many other factors … if you want to know more, read the article on our website … link in bio

From today 6 December I change color from red to orange for the regions: Tuscany, Campania, Valle d’Aosta and the autonomous province of Bolzano; while from orange to yellow for the regions of Emilia Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Marche, Puglia and Umbria.

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From personal experience, we think that the waste of paper, time and ink was greater than the interest on the part of the kids. In recent years we have witnessed continuous attempts to create an intelligent and above all interesting newspaper, but unfortunately it cannot be denied that every single publication has been quite a failure. Even if every year the initiative started with enthusiasm and with the best intentions, thinking “this will be a good year!”, The results have not been there. The main problem, probably, is the fact that no one has ever really been interested and engaged in the business and in the creation of the articles.

Many guys have taken the situation to heart, and we appreciate, but at this point, there must be something wrong with the “assembly line”. Even the “IPSE DIXIT”, the only section of the Giornalino that attracted attention, in the various issues went into decline: in the end, in order not to eliminate it, being objectively the first (and perhaps the only) part to be sought by readers, jokes were reported that were not funny. Not to mention the graphics! Surely there is someone who could do a little nicer job: go and save the Giornalino !! (also rhymes) Appearance is a lot! We know that for quality graphics and perhaps even in color, the costs are quite high and perhaps a school like ours cannot afford to “waste” this money, even if a well-edited magazine would be a really good thing. Another problem I think is the fact that probably the computers on which the editorial team works are not suitable for cutting-edge and captivating work. And why not encourage kids to write articles? It could be a good input to give credit to anyone who puts themselves in the game to improve what, in fact, could be a badge of our school. It would be even more interesting to find articles that do not only concern the school, but rather, concerning the area, or even more, relating to the proposals that the municipality of Milan offers us, under all aspects. Looking for a theme of the month wouldn’t be a bad idea either, and we’re pretty sure that even with a few sensible tweaks, people would get more passionate.

We have tried to rattle off the most relevant issues and problems, hoping that perhaps our quite provocative article will bring improvements, if they are possible.

Ours is not meant to be a free criticism of those who deal with the Giornalino, we are the first who would like it, but rather that this is perhaps not better to do without it?

Years ago I took care of the editorial board of the magazine of the Noverasco office, in short, I did what we can associate with the director. So article hunting, editing, layout etc.

I can tell you that the adventure lasted a year and a half more or less, then, as you said, the thing went into decline, little interest in writing and reading.

Regarding the use of paper and costs, however, I can give you a suggestion, there are several services that allow the publication of documents online, which could adapt to the needs of a small newspaper. Very trivially it would still be enough to publish it in PDF.

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Everything turned into easy business for everyone. I didn’t hold back. But I, at least, have never impoverished anyone. I don’t know if the same thing can be said today, in the case of some artists and some evenings ». Yes, because long before the talks about pandemics, lockdowns, lockouts, refreshments, greasy discos to keep closed and so on, the clubbing system already showed heavy cracks behind the glittering face of Tomorrowland, the Balearics, Berghain, dance festivals full of people, of Kalkbrenner, of the EDM explosion with crazy numbers in streaming, as well as articles in newspapers and online magazines remotely controlled by Anglo-Saxon press offices and therefore always euphoric, always sparkling.

A crisis that was born – and still persists – perhaps precisely because the focus on music was lost and still has been lost, replacing it instead with that on fame, on the name. The focus on creativity has been lost and, Claudio loved to emphasize, also on ethics. In fact, always in that distant but profoundly prophetic chat: “We must bring ethics back to the center of every discourse. How many people today buy a thousand downloads of their song on Beatport, so they rise in the charts and make a name for themselves? And I shouldn’t be the one to tell you this shouldn’t be done, you should figure it out for yourself, damn it. And then again: we want to talk about the places that continue to book DJs as if they were the stickers of an album, just to collect famous names without any logic and without any artistic direction? And, speaking of art direction, those places that delegate all programming to external booking agencies, letting themselves be remotely controlled by them? Do we want to talk about it? Do we realize how insane is this what? “.

All this said with great awareness. «You understand now why I say that everything should be downsized. Overdoing it is bad for you, and bad for music. Oh, I know and understand the objection that can be made to me: “Well done, you have done your rounds in the carousel and now instead you say that we must stop everything: who are you to tell us? What do you want from us? “. Answer: just because I did the tour and I know what it leads to, I think I can afford to say that no, it’s not worth doing. In the long run it’s not worth it. ” Also because there was not only the fame of dj, of track filler, of king of the night and of house music: if Claudio Coccoluto became the dj-par-antonomasia it was at a certain point because you started to see him, and a lot, even in other contexts.