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Online Dating Rules You Must Know About

Online Dating Rules is something everyone should follow. It will save you from many heartache down the road. The first rule of Online Dating Rules is Safety. This is the most important rule of dating because safety is what makes the internet great!

Rule Number One: Be honest about who you are. Research has proven that individuals who used the words love in their online dating profile were more likely to find long term relationships online than those that took a more casual route to building their profiles. Don’t use flowery language or other phrases that may lead someone to believe you are someone they should know nothing about. Always be true to yourself. If you are not sure if you are someone who deserves to be on a first date, take a pass.

Rule Number Two: Choose your words carefully. When you are using the internet to search for love, it can be easy to slip into online dating rules unspoken rules. There are certain phrases that sound flirtatious, but may be interpreted in a negative way by some of the people you are trying to attract. Before going out on a first date, consider whether or not the phrase you are choosing is going to have an impact on the other individual.

The third rule of online dating rules is the use of etiquette. There are many different ways to behave within the online dating world. People who practice true etiquette find themselves quickly separated from those who do not. For example, there are now thousands of online social media sites where you can follow the latest online etiquette tips to make sure your messages and pictures do not get misinterpreted by members of the opposite sex.

One of the most popular of the new rule changes is the use of emojis. Emojis are a handy way to communicate with others online without actually typing your message into the chat box. All you need to do is click on the plus sign next to the person’s name, then look up their profile for a picture. You will notice that they will have posted a picture of themselves using an Emo face, smiley face, or any other type of Emo style. This is just one of the many online dating rules you can break when communicating with others using Emojis.

The fourth rule of online dating rules that has just been put into place is, “dating Apps are great, but don’t let your wallet tell you what to spend.” There was a time when online dating would only work with magazines and newspapers, as you would have to subscribe to them. Now there are countless dating apps for iPhone and Android that allow users to browse through hundreds of people, easily search for specific information, and even set up messages with fellow members so they can get to know one another quickly. Some dating apps offer features like voice messaging, allowing users to send instant messages to each other. It seems the advent of these apps, and especially the introduction of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, paved the way for many more online dating rules to be broken.

One of the first online dating rules you must know about is this: You should never be in a position where you feel like you absolutely HAVE to pick up that person on the first date. In reality, if the second date goes well, and you are happy to go get him/her, then it’s okay to take it to the third date. However, some experts argue that it is important for a person to not feel pressured to commit. If after the third date, you decide you are not happy with this relationship and want to end things then don’t be afraid to let the person know. But, make sure you still have your first date saved on your phone, or you don’t want to risk it ending on a bad note.

Another one of the online dating rules that you must know about is this: Don’t ever write inside scoop about another person on a dating site. Although some sites allow you to put inside scoop inside your first message, as long as it is written in an appropriate forum and within accepted etiquette, it is not considered cheating. However, if you choose to reveal inside scoop by sending a text or email to someone that you are interested in then there are certain guidelines that need to be followed. This means that you must wait at least 24 hours before sending this kind of communication because you want to make sure that the person you are contacting is not currently being married to someone else, and you also want to make sure you haven’t sent this kind of communication before the first date.

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